External Research Grants

  • Establishing Trusted Web Sessions on Untrusted User Devices, MoE Tier2, 2013 - 2016, $383K.(PI: LIANG Zhenkai, Co-PI: Prateek SAXENA )
  • CodeTest: Comprehension Detection and Testing via Symbolic Execution, Defence Science Organization (DSO), 2013 -15, $400K. (PI: Abhik ROYCHOUDHURY)
  • Analysis and Test Generation for Evolving Software, MoE T2 grant, 2011 -14, $830K. (PI: Abhik ROYCHOUDHURY)
  • Scalable analysis techniques for embedded Software, A*STAR Public Sector Funding, 2012 -15, $600K. (PI: Abhik ROYCHOUDHURY)
  • WebInspect: A Security Architecture for Web Applications with Auditability Guarantees, MoE, $300K. (PI: Prateek SAXENA )
  • Analyzing the Security of Software in Binary Form, DRTech, $371000, 2012-2014. (PI: Roland YAP, Co-PI: Zhenkai LIANG)